Industrialization and integration of all or part of the product value chain

Industrial and logistics unit located on the Eurochannel site, near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) since 1986.

Its primary vocation is to produce toners (ink for photocopiers) of the TOSHIBA brand, for the European market, as well as export throughout the world (Asia).

Alongside these main activities, this unit provides logistics for the distribution in France of photocopiers, options and associated consumables, as well as IT services for the group's commercial subsidiaries in Europe.

The Dieppe site has evolved its activity of assembling multi-function products towards high value-added services, such as Configuration on Demand, after-sales service repair and refurbishment of all or part of the equipment, by expanding its skills in the repair of laptop computers and point-of-sale terminals distributed by the group in France.

TOSHIBA Dieppe is an integrator within VIALOG of interactive terminals, collection terminals, digital displays, etc. on behalf of third parties.


  • Production of toner ink for photocopiers
  • Logistics services
  • Plastic injection (50T to 350T)
  • Assembly
  • Delayed differentiation
  • PC mastering-cloning
  • Repair
  • Refurbishment of all or part of the equipment
  • Service call center
  • Industrialization for StartUp


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

Turnover 35 M€, workforce 220 employees

TOSHIBA TEC Europe Imaging Systems

Parc Euro Channel
76370 Neuville les Dieppe (France)

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R.C.S.: 422067751
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